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For Academics

Do you want to provide the highest quality of education for your children in the best school/college/academic institution? Do you also feel helpless due to lack of required finances? Have you ever wondered how it would be if only someone would help you meet those financial requirements in a very short period? Well, here we are!!. Creditap’s hassle-free credit assistance provides easy, convenient and sustainable loans. Apply for a loan, get easy approval & tap your academic potential with the fastest credit system ever!

<School or College Fee Funding>

  • Great schooling is the best path for a bright future.

    But the cost of school education is at an all-time high for any curriculum.
    Managing annual fees, cost of uniforms, transportation, purchase of notebooks, etc. might be a major challenge for students/parents.
    But, all the challenges can be taken care of with the help of Creditap. Quick credit assistance from Creditap can help you handle annual school fees easily. Our financial partners can offer you easy loans for all types of school expenses. We want you to focus just on studies and not worry about funds. The easy EMI terms can help you repay the loans in a hassle-free way!

School or College Fee Funding
Short-term Course and Career Enhancement Funding

<Short-term Course and Career Enhancement Funding>

  • Boost your Career with Creditap!

    Many academic institutes are offering short term crash courses for aspiring students. These courses are generally premium and can be quite expensive. These crash courses facilitate students/ professionals to gain additional knowledge in the respective subjects, develop skills in areas of their interest or help prepare students forcompetitive exams. If you are a student who wants to enrol for short term courses to brush up your skills you can easily proceed without being concerned about funds. Similarly, professionals sometimes are faced with fund shortage for enrolling in a specific career enhancement program.
    We at Creditap enable both students and professionals with timely assistance in getting the required financial help to drive your aspirations. We ensure that the course fee is instantly disbursed to the institution you plan to enrol, subject to credit evaluation. With our convenient and sustainable funding system, we enable you to handle the course fee of the program seamlessly. We do our best to make funding available to you in the most convenient way and with easy repayment options offered by our financial partners facilitate stress-free repayment for you!

<Higher education funding>

  • Go higher with Creditap!

    If you have higher aspirations to major in a subject of your choice and if it’s your dream to pursue higher studies, don’t let cash crunches stand in the way of your dreams.
    Our quick credit solutions help deserving students chase their career dreams in the most hassle-free ways. We help you adhere to the requirements of paying the annual fee in the college/university/institute of your choice. Higher education is a dream of many, but the rising financial requisites of higher education often discourage parents to let their children pursue it. By having Creditap by your side, you have nothing to worry about. We’ll fund your higher education and will let you repay through flexible repayment terms. Choose Creditap to climb high the ladder of academic success!

Higher education funding
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For Institutes

We provide end to end financial assistance to educational institutions, from enabling institutions to offer their students with convenient/ seamless financing options, catering to the financial well-being of their staff/ teachers and further assisting institutions with raising capital for their growth and expansion. Creditap is a one-stop-shop educational ecosystem lending partner.

<Project Funding>

  • No Procrastination of New Projects Anymore!

    Running a school/college/academic institute is not a simple task. Numerous infrastructural facilities need to be constructed to reach the epitome of excellence in terms of overall standard.
    Creditap can help institutes in securing funds for various types of infrastructural developments such as purchasing land for the school playground, expanding school/college library, construction or renovation of school/college building, working capital funds for hassle-free day to day operations, etc.

Project Funding
Teacher / Staff Loans

<Teacher / Staff Loans>

  • Loan Facilities for Teachers/Staff

    The well-being of school/college teachers/staff is an integral aspect of imparting quality education in classrooms. Teachers/Staff play a major role in shaping the career and life of thousands of students across the country.Sometimes teachers might find themselves in financially challenging situations. This could have a direct impact on the students and also a teacher does not deserve to be in that particular situation. Understanding the importance of the role a teacher plays in a student’s life, Creditap facilitates access to quick loans available to teachers/staff to cater to their financial needs.Teachers/staff loans provided by Creditap are tailor-made loans for teachers/staff of both private schools & government schools and other educational institutions.

    We, at Creditap, believe that when the quality of life of teachers/educational staff is improved through timely financial assistance, it can have a direct & positive impact on the quality of education they impart to students. In other words, with access to quick and easy loans, teachers can focus all their energy on their responsibility of imparting the highest quality of education to students rather than brooding over financial woes that are taking a toll on their peace of mind!

<Edutap ERP (School/College management System)>

  • Switch gears to Automation with Creditap!

    A comprehensive management system (ERP) which comes with state-of-the-art modules and features, enables various levels of educational institutions in seamlessly managing and automating their daily operations and activities.
    Our ERP is customizable and can be easily integrated with an individual Institute or group of Institutions. It has over 30+ modules catering to admissions, general administration, assessments, accounts, transportation, staff management, attendance and more.

Edutap ERP

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If you wish to apply for a School Fees Loan or College Fees Loan or Career Coaching Fees Loan whether it's online or offline, we're there for you.

You can convert your one-time fees to monthly EMIs in a hassle-free way and sit back, relax!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the loan is available to salaried as well as self-employed individuals, however subject to credit profile.

Yes, the platform is designed to connect you with the lending Bank/ NBFC that best suits your requirement.

You can easily track your payment schedule on the Creditap App.

Interest rates shall vary depending on the scheme chosen and the credit profile.

Yes, you may apply for an education loan.

The following documents need to be uploaded for verification purposes :
ID proof( Aadhar , Voters ID , Passport )
PAN Card
Bank statement (1 Year)
Invoice from the institute for the amount to be paid/Fee Challan
For Salaried
Payslips, IT Returns
For Self-employed
GST Filings, IT Returns

No, the loan availed is not transferable.

Yes, the loan eligibility is based on your credit evaluation.

Yes, we cover all associated expenses.

Your device may not be compatible. You will be required to update your mobile's OS version or use a different device. The app is currently available on Android version 6.0 and above. It will soon be available on the iOS platform.

Yes. We offer loans for the early stages of education.

Yes, you can apply for two different loans at the same time and the loan amount is subject to credit eligibility.

Yes, you may apply. The approval will depend on our financial partner's terms and conditions.

Immediate disbursal post the signing of the loan agreement.

Yes. However, it subject to the policies of our financial partner.

Yes. It will vary depending on the financial partners terms and conditions

Your EMI schedule will depend on our financial partner. Debits are usually between the 5th - 10th of every month.

You can calculate your EMI approximately on our website/app but it may vary based on the sceme you select and your credit profile.

Yes. However, the loan amount is subject to approval.

Yes, individuals with children studying in any school can apply.

The fee amount will directly be deposited on the institute's bank account and not the loan-bearers personal account.

The loan is currently available for salaried and self-employed individuals. Parents/guardians of students studying in schools can apply for the loan on their behalf. However, the students applying for professional courses can avail the loan with parents / guardians as co-applicant.

Yes. You may calculate your required loan amount and apply accordingly.

About Creditap

Our Goal

We are Creditap, an app-based digital-lending platform. We aim to redefine fee payments through reliable technology.

Our Focus

Our focus, at the moment, is on the education-finance sector and we are determined to bring ease to the annual fee payment cycle, to make it simple and systematic for parents as well as our partnered educational institutions.

Our Services

We facilitate financing fees and other education-related expenses starting from pre-school. We also assist with financing vocational training, skill development, and other eligible short-term courses.